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An immersion heater in water

About Immersion heaters

  • An immersion heater is an electric element immersed in water within a tank, and provides hot water in your home
  • The most common faults we find with immersion heaters are caused by lime scale build up within the tank
  • A fixed price on arrival can be arranged with the engineer after inspection
  • Other faults can be fixed at an hourly rate

Immersion heater repairs

Problems with water temperature are often an indication of a faulty immersion heater

Faults to immersion heaters are often caused by hard water (lime scale) build up within the tank. This eats away at the copper element and causes it to short circuit or sometimes just not heat up. The element is encased inside the tank of water and requires a skilled, experienced workman to replace it. The water has to be drained away before the element can be removed. Great care has to be taken not to cause any leaks or air locks on refilling the tank.

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A fixed price on arrival can be arranged with the engineer, after his initial inspection and verification of the faulty element.

Other faults include the power failure to the switch or element which can be carried out on our hourly rate.