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Do you need RCD protection for all circuits?


RCD protection is required for socket outlets which could be presumed used for outside of the equipotential zones (i.e. outside, providing there is equipotential bonding within the home) this could include an extension lead used for a vacuum cleaner or pressure washer or any outside cables feeding sheds etc.

They are also required for cables in walls that could be drilled into and cables in special locations such as bathrooms.

I have attached 2 links which relate to this, the guidance notes from 2015 state that RCD protection is only classified as a C3 observation if supplementary cross bonding is installed, but as it is common practice to install RCD protection throughout all circuits in new installation this is the method we recommend as installing cross bonding has been superseded by all modern consumer units having RCD protection which also protect from electrical fires and electric shocks, also cross bonding in modern bathrooms looks ugly and old fashioned,

However the latest BS7671 amendment 3 regulations state that RCD’s are required for all circuits that feed or pass over a room with a shower or bath in – see part 7 of the attached

Therefore we would recommend RCD protection for fault protection as a C2 observation and also for cables in walls as a C3 observation (other regulations may also apply)

All of our new consumer unit installations are amendment 3 metal fire rated with dual RCD protection

Ammendment 3

 Please see part 7