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A inspection test unit

About periodic test inspections

  • We can provide a same day service for periodic test inspection reports
  • From just £75 + VAT for a domestic property (up to 10 circuits) but additional discount is available for landlords and letting agents with multiple properties
  • Our engineers have a minimum of 10 years on-site experience
  • Reports Issued Following Day
  • Call For A Free Quote Or Any Further Details

About Our Electrical Installation Condition Reports

EICR previously known as PIR / Periodic Inspection Reports

Fast Service

We can carry out 5 year EICR tests at short notice throughout M25 area, next day service. Access can be arranged through estate agents if required.

Best Prices

Our prices for IEE BS 7671 EICR test and inspections are:
£75 plus VAT for a 1 bed property
£85 plus VAT for a 2 bed property
£95 plus VAT for a 3 bed property
£105 plus VAT for a 4 bed property (all up to 10x circuits)

Negotiable prices for multiple properties

Quick Turnaround

Reports issued within 24 hrs of completion.
A typed PDF, 7 page (minimum) report will be issued the following day by email.

Work Following Tests

A typed quotation for any remedial works (if required) to bring the installation up to BS 7671 wiring regulation standards will also be issued with the report.

Satisfactory Report

Once any required work has been completed by ourselves, we will issue a satisfactory Electrical Installation Certificate for your compliance.

Want to find out more?

Speak with one of our qualified electrical test inspectors on 0203 174 0553 or fill in the form above and we’ll call you back.

Periodic test inspections

Electrical installation condition reports suitable for landlords and homeowners

At LED we can offer a same day service to assist with urgent inspections, and to assist with the process of moving into a new home / moving new clients. All our engineers have the latest 17th Edition amendment 3-2015 wiring regulations test and inspection certification, they also carry a fully calibrated test and tool kit. We can also contact any tenants or letting agents for access, collect keys from estate agents or arrange a suitable time at your convenience.

Our periodic test inspections include a full inspection and testing of the fixed wiring of a property including:

  • Earth bonding to gas and water
  • Correct consumer unit
  • Damage to cables, sockets, switches etc
  • Full instrument test of the circuits
  • A 6 page report will be compiled using the Fast Test Software

Any faults will be flagged up on page 2 of the report and listed with a priority rating C1-C3. These figures refer to the following status:

  • C1 – Danger present: Risk of injury- immediate remedial action required
  • C2 – Potentially dangerous-urgent remedial action required
  • C3 – Improvement required.
  • Further investigation required

A quotation for any remedial works will be provided with the report along with the VAT receipt for the inspection. Reports can be e-mailed to multiple precipitants if required to assist the process of moving home or new tenants.

Fees for periodic inspections

Our charges start from: £100 + VAT ( max 10 circuits )
We also provide special rates for landlords and letting agents of multiple properties.

Fact File for Periodic Testing

The 18th Edition Wiring Regulations BS7671- Amendment 1 2018 is the latest edition of the IEE British Standard publications. Every electrician we employ has trained to the IEE regulations and attended refresher courses to bring their expertise up to the latest 2018 edition.

Our team of engineers have also a minimum of 10 years on-site experience to be able to work for LED.

2391 – To carry out Periodic Electrical Inspections in the UK, the engineers require, alongside the BS7671, to have also passed a City and Guilds Level 3 certificate in inspection, testing and certification of electrical installations (2391). This training provides the engineer with the relevant information and procedures regarding an initial visual inspection, verification and certification. This includes collecting data of correct types of cable, fuses – MCBs etc, the presence and correct operation of an RCD trip switch to prevent harm to property and lives from fire and electric shock. The presence and correct size of earthing conductors into the property; to the mains gas and water supply; to any exposed metal parts that may need earth bonding.

The test includes an instrumental verification test using the following instruments:

  • Voltage tester to measure Volts
  • Continuity tester to measure ohms
  • Insulation resistance to measure M ohms
  • Earth loop impendence tester to measure ohms
  • RCD tester to measure mS

A full test on the supply of your home/business to BS7671 IEE Wiring Regulations including fuse board, earthing arrangements, wiring, fixtures and fittings (i.e. lights, sockets, switches). Installation methods, loose connections etc.

The following tests are carried out:

  • Continuity of earth conductors
  • Continuity of ring final conductors
  • Polarity
  • Installation resistance – to check for any arcing or moisture between phase – phase earth
  • Earth loop impedance – to verify path of earth
  • RCD test to check tripping times and mA settings

The test involves testing circuits at the consumer unit and various points around the property and includes a visual inspection as well as an instrumental test. Also the supplies characteristics are tested to ensure a good earth and path of fault current is present. These tests are called Ze and PSC (Prospective Short Circuit). These tests verify a circuit has continued earth path to each fitting and that the RCD operates within the specified time and current. Please feel free to contact us for any further details as we can help with any technical questions you may have.