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About faulty extractor fans

  • Extractor Fans remove excess moisture, smoke and odours from the air so if your extractor fan is faulty you can get a build up of damp, condensation and smoke that can cause damage to your home and potentially be hazardous
  • Our trained electricians can be called out to quickly look at the extent of the fault and find a solution for your faulty extractor fan

Faulty Extractor Fans

Repair or Replace Faulty Extractor Fans

Kitchens and Bathrooms are particularly prone to the build up of smoke, condensation and other pollutants in the air, these rooms need extractor fans to remove and moisture and unpleasant odours from the rooms. You may find that if you live in a smoking home or have a laundry room these rooms may need some sort of extractor fan as well.
If your extractor fan develops a fault you may find that water or smoke can build up, damaging your walls and surfaces, causing damp or potentially being a fire hazard. Current building regulations require any Kitchen and Bathroom to have a working extractor fan fitted.
Extractor fans can become faulty over time, many of these call outs require a quick fix or extractor fan repair to get the fan back into working order. However some Extractor fan faults are more severe and will require a replacement extractor fan to be fitted. At LED (London Electricians Direct) we will assess the situation on call out and give you a full quote for the work that needs to be done to get your extractor fan working again.