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Fault finding in progress

About electical fault finding

  • Electrical fault finding is required if your circuits keep tripping or your fuses are blown
  • We offer a fast service to respond to faults (often within the hour)
  • If there are no obvious faults, we can offer a number of further tests to help diagnose any problems
  • If further work is required after analysis, a full quote will be issued before any work begins

Electrical fault finding

Diagnosing faults with your electrical fixtures and fittings

Tripped circuits or blown fuses can occur at any time, leaving you without lights or power and risk of losing your freezer contents.

Our trained staff can be with you at short notice and often within the hour to trace and repair these faults. On arrival, the engineer will ask of any recent building work or leaks you may have had. Then an initial inspection of fittings and fixtures will be carried out to check for loose connections or dampness etc.

If no obvious faults are detected he will proceed to carrying out an instrumental test procedure using a calibrated test instrument (usually using the insulation resistance setting of the tester). Other tests carried out can be: polarity, voltage, current demand, earth path (Ze) and (Zs) and RCD tests.

On completion of these tests a conclusion will be made and if further work is needed (in the replacement of fittings or rewiring of faulty cables) then a full quote will be issued before commencement of any further work. This will include labour and materials.