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BS7671 IEE Tests

About BS7671 IEE Tests

  • BS7671 IEE tests are required on all properties from domestic homes, to Swimming Pools and shops and need to be completed by a trained electrical tester
  • If your building has not been tested you should check the maximum frequency for your type of building and electrical installation as if your BS7671 test is overdue it may affect your insurance
  • BS7671 IEE Tests have to be completed by a qualified electrical tester to be valid
  • A full report on the test will be provided on completion of the BS7671 IEE Test

BS7671 IEE Tests

BS7671 IEE Testing

All electrical installations are required to be tested regularly to the standards defined by the IEE Wiring Regulations (BS 7671). Depending on the type of building Periodic Inspection and Testing of your electrical installations should be carried out at regular intervals. The frequency of these tests are in line with the type of installation, its use and operation, the frequency type of electrical installation, its use, and any maintenance. For example a domestic home only needs to be tested at a maximum of every ten years or at a change of occupancy whereas a Swimming Pool should be tested every year. Buildings such as Offices should be tested every 5 years and shops and retail premises should be tested at a maximum of every 3 years.

If your building is rented out then it is important to carry out more regular testing as any damage caused by moving or DIY work could affect the safety of the building. If your home or property has not been properly tested it could affect your insurance if a fire where to damage the property due to faulty or loose wiring.

It is not possible or practical to inspect all parts of an electrical installation; therefore LED (London Electricians Direct) will agree a sampling process before starting the testing.  This sample is usually about 10%-20% of all accessories, control equipment and fittings.

To test the circuits we will need to switch off the electrical system for a lot of the time, however if this is a problem we can arrange a convenient time to come and do the testing that will not affect your business or lifestyle too much. Before we start the test we will agree the amount of down time that is acceptable with you then arrange a schedule for switching off, this will either be all of the electrics or we can arrange individual distribution boards and areas to be switched off at particular times to make the testing more convenient for you.