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Fitting New Lights

About fitting new lights

  • Our trained electrical engineers can wire new and replacement light fittings in your home or business
  • All the new lights are fitted in compliance with the latest regulations
  • LED also offers a security light and outdoor / garden light installation service

Fitting New Lights

Wiring new light fittings

Replacing faulty light fittings or updating old with new can transform and bring new life to your home. You simply choose which light fittings you like, then give us a call to have them professionally installed. Many people try it themselves but soon realise there are more wires than expected and call us anyway. Generally, two to three lights can be fitted in one hour’s work – we can advise on arrival if it will take longer.

Wiring new lighting fittings and switches can be a difficult task. Using a certified electrician to do the job can give you the peace of mind that everything is wired correctly, and ensures that there is no risk of fire or personal injury. Additionally, our trained electrical engineers will make sure that the new light fittings comply with the latest regulations.

LED (London Electricians Direct) can fit new lights in your home or business, as well as replacing your existing installation. Additionally, LED offers a security lights and outdoor lighting installation service. Contact us for a quote to fit new lights in your property.