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About downlighters

  • Low voltage halogen lighting installation
  • Low energy downlighting installations
  • Mains voltage GU10 fire rated downlighter installation
  • Lamp replacement
  • Fault finding and repairs

Fitting Downlighters

Recessed Downlighters

Fitting down lighters can seem like a daunting job but by using a qualified electrician who has a lot of experience at installing low voltage downlights can take the stress out of this task.

Downlighting is not only fashionable in interior design but also a good money and energy saving way of lighting your room. Low voltage halogen downlights use up less energy which will save you money in electricity bills in the long run and of course contribute in a small way to saving the planet.

Fitted downlighting is not only easy on the pocket but can also offer a range of lighting opportunities, downlighting can be used in every room of the house, from bright halogen lights in the bathroom, to low light downlighters in the living room or dining room, combined with a dimmer or other lighting you can create the mood you want and change it from day to night or if you are entertaining.

If your Downlighting system has been installed properly it is unusual that you will have any problems with them but if a bulb goes or there is a problem LED (London Electricians Direct) can help with replacement lamps or repairing an existing system.
Downlights have become very fashionable over the past few years as an interior design feature and if this is something you want for your home or office then contact LED (London Electricians Direct) today.