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Electrical regulations in homes

Posted on Monday, December 13th, 2010

Recently electricians have to comply to more regulations when installing electrical appliances in a domestic home. It used to only be commercial buildings that had such strict regulations but now with the Introduction of Part P of the Building regulations electricians have to be more skilled to work on a home.

It never used to be that complicated doing electrical work in a domestic residence, as long as the electrician knew what they were doing technically and comply with BS761 regulations. Now Part P of the Building Regulations has been introduced which means even in a domestic home most electrical jobs need to be undertaken by a qualified and competent electrician. To prove this the relevant certificates and notifications must be issued to local authorities in charge of planning and building. This is good news in terms of safety in the home but not so good news for cowboys out there who may not be qualified to do these jobs.

Now electricians need to be aware of the following building regulations; Approved Documents Parts A, B, C, E, F, L, M and P of the Building Regulations.

The reason these additional regulations have been brought out is to protect you as the consumer and by complying to the above regulations your electrician will be working safely in your home and will be aware of impacts the work has on the environment, energy consumption and emissions, fire safety and many other factors whist installing appliances or electrical works.

LED (London Electricians Direct) only use qualified electricians for commercial and domestic buildings so you can be safe in the knowledge that we will comply to the strictest of regulations.

Electricians find Unexploded WW2 Bomb

Posted on Friday, November 26th, 2010

Electricians who were working in a loft in Coventry a few weeks ago found an unexploded World War II bomb.
The electricians found the suspected Pipe bomb whilst rewiring loft in Balsall Common which they believe may have been owned by an old war veteran. Concerned that the bomb was still unexploded after 50 or 60 years the electricians called the police who quickly got bomb disposal experts to the scene.

Bombs were dropped in the UK during the Second World War but most unexploded bombs were found and de activated or exploded in a safe and controlled environment shortly after the war. It is very unusual to find an unexploded bomb so long after the war.

A spokesman said… “They x-rayed the cylindrical shell, which was about 10 inches (25cm) and confirmed it was a live incendiary device,” The device was found packed inside a secure, explosive-resistant box, police said.

The experts and the police removed the bomb and took it out of the way to a field where they could carry out a controlled explosion.

My story is very banal. Problems at work, boredom at home… I had some kind of depression. People had ““, while I was а down in the dumps. I was fed up. I met my friends after work. We went for beers.

Sgt Tony Hanlon said: “One of our Pcs is a former Army man so he went into the loft to look over the find… he suspected it was an explosive of some sort.

“We believe a former war veteran used to live in the house so may have been holding on to it as some sort of keepsake.
“However, as mementoes go, it was a pretty hazardous one!”

As far as jobs go the electricians found this was the most dangerous job they have had to do although makes for a good story down the pub.

It just goes to show an electrician’s work can be pretty exciting at times!